Tuesday, September 30, 2014

That Girl is Poison

It seems like the only time
she tries to kiss me is when
her breath is reeking of chloroform.

Thats an anesthesia that packs
a punch powerful enough to TKO King Kong.
So an oral dose of…lets say 10 milliliters,
would be enough for the grim reaper
to hold a human under cardiac arrest.

Now maybe its just a mere coincidence
and my mind is playing tricks on me.
Or maybe she’s blowing the candles
out on our wedding cake at this
very moment and hoping demons
grant death wishes.

Judging by her history of
one-night stands with lucifer (her first love),
I would definitely say the latter
is a top contender – once a
two-timing whore always
a two-timing whore, right?

Yeah well,
I don’t intend on being a
prisoner of war in their little “love battle”,
so we’ll see who has the last laugh.


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