Monday, September 1, 2014

Blink at Blank Pages

Where do your memories
go when they are forgotten?

Is there an afterlife for them
to cannonball into, or do they
just pack their bags up and waltz
out of the dorm room of your
hippocampus without even
a wave goodbye?

A middle-aged woman would
probably say straight to the hips.
Some conspiracy theorist may
even say alien’s abduct them
from a human’s consciousness
to learn more about our species.

But I believe they become a
collage of our life handcrafted by God.
The very fragments that come together
and make our imperfect soul a masterpiece.

So in short,
I don’t think memories
can ever truly be forgotten.
I think they just take a new form.
One that only God’s eyes can see.


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