Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Pothead, Troublemaker, or Plain Old Slouch?

You know the laid back kid in High School
who was always the last one to class and
the first one to leave?

The one that the teacher
would call on just to see if he was paying attention,
even though he never was?

Now this kid wasn’t a jock or anything,
but he made being a loner look pretty cool –
the same way lions make killing look artful.

Its kinda weird you know,
because you see kids like that and
never really know how to classify them.
You don’t really know if he’s a pothead,
a troublemaker, or just a plain old slouch.
At least until you invite him into a smokers circle
and he nicely declines like a square.

But deep inside you admire something about him.

You admire the way he makes peer pressure
look like some far-flung cliched myth.
You admire the way he can skip class
so quietly and not brag about it.


Most kids practically sign up for suspensions just so the whole
school can hear their name being called on the loud speakers,
ya know?

I just wish it was more kids out there
who were brave enough to stand out;
who were wise enough to know you didn’t
have to be a stereotype to be somebody.

…Well, we’re all grown now though,
so I guess reminiscing on my petty
High School memories is futile.
They say High School is nothing
compared to the real world.


Yeah right.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Seventeen Burling Game

The most honest people are locked in mental asylums...

Having sweet dreams of playing hit the piñata
with a hot air balloon full of pills—
colorful ones that look like
tiny pellets of rainbows in your hand.

I heard they’re suppose to put a straightjacket
on the demons running around in your head,
or something like that.

I’m not sure if they ever do though, but I seen
a couple of test subjects and it seemed like they
put a straightjacket around their spirit instead.  

I believe the “crazy” are another form of Revolutionary.
Another force of Superhero inhabiting the world that swaggers courage.

So the next time you see him/her walking the down the street
and you want to point your stupid little finger and laugh,
please make sure you admire...NO, ENVY!
how easy it is for them to disregard your ignorance
and go on living like KINGS OF THE MOTHAFUCKIN’ JUNGLE!

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Wednesday, October 22, 2014


How many emoji’s do you have to send
before the human vanishes out of your heart?

Before the Motherboard of an
iphone cradles your soul?

Before your phone dies like a
suicide bomber and takes you with it?

Has it ever crossed your mind
that when the sun shines too bright to
read a text message than just maybe
its trying to get your attention?

Maybe Mother Nature is no different than
an insecure schoolgirl yearning for compliments;
sashaying bare-skinned into your wildest dreams just
so you can know what the naked truth looks like.

She loves you so much that she’ll turn her skin
into a touch screen just so you can feel her again;
Surgically implant FaceTime Cameras into her eyes
just so you can stare into them forever.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

"Green Power Ranger, GO!"

"Green Power Ranger, GO!"

My 3-year-old nephew thinks
he’s a Green Power Ranger.

"Dragon Buster, Fire!"

And you know what the craziest part is,
I actually believe him.

at least until motorcycles come
roaring around the corner like
a pack of blood thirsty lions…

Then he’s just Invisible Kid using
his grandpa as a human shield.

"Dragon Kick, Hiyah!!!"

But I believe all 3-year-olds are
walking pint-sized miracles that can
see through lies and skin colors.

"Tiger Knee, BAM!"

That can scare monsters away with a laugh and
then challenge God to a footrace around the sun.

That can spin the world on one finger
while making shadow puppets with the others.


So if being a good uncle means telling my
nephew that Power Rangers are make-believe,
than what the hell should I tell him about people?

"Power Gun...BOOM!"