Tuesday, September 30, 2014

That Girl is Poison

It seems like the only time
she tries to kiss me is when
her breath is reeking of chloroform.

Thats an anesthesia that packs
a punch powerful enough to TKO King Kong.
So an oral dose of…lets say 10 milliliters,
would be enough for the grim reaper
to hold a human under cardiac arrest.

Now maybe its just a mere coincidence
and my mind is playing tricks on me.
Or maybe she’s blowing the candles
out on our wedding cake at this
very moment and hoping demons
grant death wishes.

Judging by her history of
one-night stands with lucifer (her first love),
I would definitely say the latter
is a top contender – once a
two-timing whore always
a two-timing whore, right?

Yeah well,
I don’t intend on being a
prisoner of war in their little “love battle”,
so we’ll see who has the last laugh.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Suleiman Ali || The Heart Pt.3 || Freestyle

Directed by Anthony Coleman. 
Starring Troy Malcolm aka Max Field. 

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Sunday, September 28, 2014


- Noble Era

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Walk Home

I once heard that people cut their wrist
to make it easier for hope to leak out of them.

the irony is they always
run out of blood WAY
before they do hope.

So as I sit with misery for company
and a crazy ex-girlfriend named regret
banging on the front door of my memories,
I think to myself that maybe life isn’t so bad,
you know?

I mean its not exactly the
land of milk and honey either,
but maybe one day I’ll somehow miss
walking home with my head down
reading the suicide notes carved into the concrete;
Hearing the whisper of bomb threats that never became promises;
Seeing the wasted talent litter the streets like cigarette butts.

……Nah….I SERIOUSLY doubt it

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Regular Day in Philly

You know what a regular day in Philly is like?…

Hearing that a young girl the same age as 
your little sister was killed by gunfire while 
walking home from school with her friends.

I mean she wasn’t
trespassing into a war zone or
playing hopscotch on a minefield –
she was JUST walking home from school.
Probably singing the newest Jhené Aiko song,
or whining about how her english teacher always
gives homework out on mondays.

WHATEVER it was,
I know she wasn’t bullfighting a stray bullet.
And I also know it didn’t cross her mind
that the grim reaper had been stalking
her since early that morning.
Waiting for his moment like a vulture.
Drooling at the taste of her death.

…And all we can say is…all WE EVER say is…
“Philly getting crazy. Everybody be safe.”

And then it ALL happens again.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Photos Leaked!!!…Again

You would think an eye
is literally in the clouds nowadays,
considering how easy it is for the world
to see their favorite celebs as “human beings”.

As everyday women that sext.


If you didn’t know,
they also breathe.
And eat, and sleep,
and say things they regret.
The same way every blasted human does, did, and will.

So never think for a second
that celebrities are mythological beings
surfing the waves of our wildest fantasies,
JUST because they live their lives on camera.

Because I promise you’ll be in for a
rude awakening every time you arouse
out of your fabricated dream-world.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Pretty Face

Ok, you have a pretty face; so what?

…Seriously, so what?

If all a man loves you for is a pretty face,
you better hope he never travels to Brazil for "business".
Because if he does, the air ambulance are
probably going to have to emergency airlift
your heart back to America, on the account
of it being broken into thousands of tiny pieces.

Sorry I have to be the bearer of bad news,
but a pretty face is a dime a dozen, baby girl.
And that will only keep a man happy for so long.

if you have a spirit that makes your
eyes look like two moonlit bonfires;
dreams that compliment your imagination;
a soul as strong and shapeshifting as water;
then its no doubt in my mind that a woman’s
pretty face is the 8 wonder of the world.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Book of my Life

I hope the book of my life is so 
out of this world that aliens read it.
That right now on some distant planet 

light-years away they’re lining up to 

pre-order copies of it from God.
Anxiously counting down the days left until 
I drop dead and the book finally hits shelves.
I hope its good enough for the alien thieves to pirate it; 

For the booksellers in outer space to strike it rich; 

For the fanatics to send fan mail back to earth in packages 

of shooting stars.
If so…that would mean I lived.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Birth of a Poem

My heart and brain are like two old married couple. 

One minute they’re reminiscing 
about the first time they fell in love. 
And the next, 
they’re swearing like drunken sailors 
and threatening each other with divorce papers.
They usually do this for a solid 10 minutes 
and then it dies down with them bickering 
about how they regret the last twenty years 
together, and that true love is as much of a myth 
as time travel.
The funny thing is, they don’t believe any of it. 
Not even a single word. 
In fact, 
you couldn’t find a more perfect match even if 
you bought a box of them from a drugstore in heaven.

I guess its just some weird ritual all soul mates go through. 
Because afterward, they always give birth to a poem.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The Game Of Life

For ages newborn & up.
1 or more players.
Play Time: A Life Span.
Mistakes may result in untimely death.
No givebacks.
Losers must pick their poison.
Winners must virtually
sell their soul to reap the benefits.
The richest man always wins.
Truth is the quickest way to scare people.
Rebels are referred to as terrorist.
Cheating is acceptable as long
as you chauffeur the slave-drivers.
Nobody makes it out alive.
You can never start the game over.
Individuals are weirdos.
Weirdos are real.
Society shuns weirdos, which means…
Ahhhhh, you get the point.
Freethinkers are menace II society.
Selling hope is illegal,
but selling out is lucrative.
Questioning law is taboo.
Questioning God is routine.
And last but not least,
Uncle Sam gets to sweep atrocities
underneath his rug on the daily,
even if his hands have been
dirty for centuries.
Wallah! The Game Of Life.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Nobody Cares

Nobody cares.

Not the news reporters, the rappers, 
the police officers, the teachers, the athletes, 
the politicians, the doctors, the pastors, 
the business owners, the coach’s—NOBODY!!!

Now if I know people as well as I think I do, 
the average person has already concocted 
ten different ways to call me a 
And that only ensures one thing, 
that I have your undivided attention. 
Which means at this very moment 
I have more power over you 
than you have over yourself. 
And that smirk you wear on 
your face only proves my point.

Your trying to convince yourself that 
I’m some crazy ignorant guy spewing 
nonsense thats unworthy of your intellect. 
But still you read on searching for the dead end 
you think my moral compass has led me to, 
hoping it doesn’t lead you down the same path.

sorry to be the bearer of bad news, 
but I was always taught you don’t 
condemn people like that. 
In fact, you pray for them. 
Because those are the kind of 
people that need your help the most.

So much for humanity, huh?

Monday, September 1, 2014

Real N*ggas || Spoken Word || Suleiman Ali (Please Subscribe)

Blink at Blank Pages

Where do your memories
go when they are forgotten?

Is there an afterlife for them
to cannonball into, or do they
just pack their bags up and waltz
out of the dorm room of your
hippocampus without even
a wave goodbye?

A middle-aged woman would
probably say straight to the hips.
Some conspiracy theorist may
even say alien’s abduct them
from a human’s consciousness
to learn more about our species.

But I believe they become a
collage of our life handcrafted by God.
The very fragments that come together
and make our imperfect soul a masterpiece.

So in short,
I don’t think memories
can ever truly be forgotten.
I think they just take a new form.
One that only God’s eyes can see.