Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The Game Of Life

For ages newborn & up.
1 or more players.
Play Time: A Life Span.
Mistakes may result in untimely death.
No givebacks.
Losers must pick their poison.
Winners must virtually
sell their soul to reap the benefits.
The richest man always wins.
Truth is the quickest way to scare people.
Rebels are referred to as terrorist.
Cheating is acceptable as long
as you chauffeur the slave-drivers.
Nobody makes it out alive.
You can never start the game over.
Individuals are weirdos.
Weirdos are real.
Society shuns weirdos, which means…
Ahhhhh, you get the point.
Freethinkers are menace II society.
Selling hope is illegal,
but selling out is lucrative.
Questioning law is taboo.
Questioning God is routine.
And last but not least,
Uncle Sam gets to sweep atrocities
underneath his rug on the daily,
even if his hands have been
dirty for centuries.
Wallah! The Game Of Life.


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