Friday, October 3, 2014

A Woman with The Heart of a Blue Whale

*(A Blue Whales heart 
is the size of a mini cooper…)*

She’s the type of girl
that would run into a burning
building with gasoline perfume
on to save her marriage.

The type that can salsa spin a
dancing eternal flame with her
bare hands and melt it into ashes.
Then pour the ashes into an
Etch A Sketch and draw a portrait
of her Soul Mate swallowing
the key to her heart.

Now if thats NOT the best way
to ignite a match made in heaven,
I’ll be waiting for God to personally
drop off a box of them on my front
doorstep with instructions.

Because angels like her
don’t go skydiving
out of paradise everyday.
But when they do……
they never wear parachutes.

*(…And its heartbeat can be 
heard from two miles away.)*


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