Sunday, April 19, 2015

The Ghetto's Ritual

There they go again. 

Posted outside the Papi Store 
with lucy’s tucked between 
the crannies of their ears like carpenters. 
Babbling lyrics from rap songs 
while their arms catch holy ghost; 
while the hour glass of their 
freedom dwindles away abruptly.  

“...It's all about the motherfuckin’ money!
It's all about the motherfuckin’ money!...” 

i see myself in the 
reflection of their lost; 
in the indifference of 
their laughter; 
in the quiet of their pain.  

Five-O creeps through the block 
like a drive-by, while the drug dealers 
stand their ground like a Mexican standoff.  

The tension is thick enough 
to cut with a prison shank.

“Ayooooooo!...where the bitches at bro?” 
“Stayin’ away from you broke ass niggas!” 
“Yeah iight, i get bitches nigga!” 
“Imagine that. The last time you got some pussy, DMX made a hit record.” 

The air tastes like a black family reunion cookout down south. 
The new mothers proudly push their infant babies in strollers, 
while waiting on a collect call from the incarcerated fathers. 
Their girlfriends awkwardly flaunt their baby bumps. 
The newsy church women watch in shame, 
even though they became mothers at much younger ages. 
The kids recklessly ride their bikes in the street 
with no parents in sight.  
The universe colors our skin with sun.

...summer is around the corner. 

© Sulē Cerdan 2015