Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Regular Day in Philly

You know what a regular day in Philly is like?…

Hearing that a young girl the same age as 
your little sister was killed by gunfire while 
walking home from school with her friends.

I mean she wasn’t
trespassing into a war zone or
playing hopscotch on a minefield –
she was JUST walking home from school.
Probably singing the newest Jhené Aiko song,
or whining about how her english teacher always
gives homework out on mondays.

WHATEVER it was,
I know she wasn’t bullfighting a stray bullet.
And I also know it didn’t cross her mind
that the grim reaper had been stalking
her since early that morning.
Waiting for his moment like a vulture.
Drooling at the taste of her death.

…And all we can say is…all WE EVER say is…
“Philly getting crazy. Everybody be safe.”

And then it ALL happens again.


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