Monday, March 2, 2015

The Stamp (ADHD)

Run child. 
From them Ritalin pushers; 
them Adderall peddlers; 
them Concerta dealers. 
To bottle up your spirit. 
To put a cork in your passion. 
To place a lid on your bizarre. 
Run farrrr child. 
Beyond their boxes. 
Beyond their brands, 
that make “The Man” rich. 
And puts his children 
through college, while ours 
become (add)icts. 
But this country 
was built off genocide. 
The Land of the Free, 
The Land that made a killin’ 
off selling lies. 
So why stop now, 
when history was written 
by those who have lynched prophets 
and shot down revolutionaries? 

© Sulē Cerdan 2015