Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Great Void

The reason
We dig deep
Within our souls,
Is because
There are holes
In us...

Holding us
Hostage like infants
In mothers arms.

Begging to be filled
Like womens palms,
Like inner thighs,
Like foot massage...

You play the fool
They feed you lies.
I'm losin' cool,
I'm losin' mind,

Just maybe death
Might take his time.

If love is blind
Than I can see,
If love is blind
Oh I can see...

© Sulē Cerdan 2015

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Mountain Of Bones

Scale the limbs.
Tower the land.
Guzzle the blood.
Obey “The Man”.

Ignore the screams.
Destroy your queens.
Ignite the hate.
Think God is green.

Think love is lies.
Think truth is guise.
You shoot to kill,
I shoot to FLY.

F irst
L ove
Y ourself.

No suit and tie,
Can bring you peace.
No piece you buy,
Can kill the beast.

So open eyes,
Oh open eyes,
And see the Truth
Right through the lies.

Scale the limbs.
Tower the land.
Guzzle the blood.
Call Out “The Man”!

© Sulē Cerdan 2015