Wednesday, October 8, 2014

If Tumblr was a High School…

If Tumblr was a High School…

Emos would be doodling love poems
on their arms instead of suicide notes.

Bullies would be stuffing their insecurities
in their lockers instead of geeks.

Snobs would be wearing their heart
on their sleeve instead of cufflinks.

Jocks would be chasing down
dreams instead of stereotypes.

Cheerleaders would be building
castles in the air instead of pyramids.

Nerds would be making history
instead of bomb threats.

Loners would have a posse of
imaginary friends to keep them company.

Troublemakers would be running for
student council instead of vandalism.

Stoners would be skipping to class
instead of skipping a class.

Teachers would be grading us on our
aspirations instead of our apathy.

…If Tumblr was a High School.


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