Sunday, October 19, 2014

"Green Power Ranger, GO!"

"Green Power Ranger, GO!"

My 3-year-old nephew thinks
he’s a Green Power Ranger.

"Dragon Buster, Fire!"

And you know what the craziest part is,
I actually believe him.

at least until motorcycles come
roaring around the corner like
a pack of blood thirsty lions…

Then he’s just Invisible Kid using
his grandpa as a human shield.

"Dragon Kick, Hiyah!!!"

But I believe all 3-year-olds are
walking pint-sized miracles that can
see through lies and skin colors.

"Tiger Knee, BAM!"

That can scare monsters away with a laugh and
then challenge God to a footrace around the sun.

That can spin the world on one finger
while making shadow puppets with the others.


So if being a good uncle means telling my
nephew that Power Rangers are make-believe,
than what the hell should I tell him about people?

"Power Gun...BOOM!"


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