Wednesday, April 9, 2014


I’m still learning to use my smile
as a bandage for these open
wounds pouring the love out me.
Because every now and then
these pages are an empty water-pail
waiting to be nourished with new life,
but more often than not the words run over
and the ground below my feet
begins to crackle like wood burning at night,
but still my walk never staggers.
Never staggers like a soldier
that trudges a field of land mines
and his fears are enormous,
yet still pocket-sized compared to his
dream to make it home one day.
So whenever the battle seems to be too
troublesome or vexing, please remember,
some aren’t even able to fight anymore
– be thankful.


Lyndsey Evenstar said...

This was very powerful, great job! The beginning lines were what really grabbed me, they tell a whole story. Keep it up!

-Lyndsey @

Sule Cerdan said...

Thank You! Im glad you liked it.

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