Wednesday, April 30, 2014


She walked like it was just her 
and a mirror alone in a room. 
Like a model rehearsing to rip 
a runway.
((The rip stands for 
remembered in poems
A wise man once told me 
whenever you watch a 
woman’s hips move like a 
pendulum is trapped inside 
of them, you should already 
know what time it is.
How many steps it takes 
for a belle to leave footprints 
on your heart. I heard that happens, 
so that if they ever want to return 
there will always be a trail leading 
them back to you.
And the pieces of people you 
take without asking will one day 
become a whole person. 
Its called a soul mate.

Or at least thats what he said 
and thats what I hope is true.


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