Monday, April 14, 2014

Starving artist

A poet doesn’t need a mansion 
to feel at home in his own skin; 
A pocket full of money to spend 
every second with solitude as if it 
were a million dollar investment. 
Whoever said you needed a degree 
in mathematics to count blessings, 
clearly never inhaled a breath 
of fresh air before. 
Or a Master’s of Art’s to see beauty, 
clearly never looked up at a night sky 
or wrote a poem and marveled at it 
until the words almost brought 
tears to their eyes. 
This is not just writing love letters 
in a notebook, or talking shit, 
or a way to lure pretty 
women out of their panties. 
Even though all of these things 
make being a poet more interesting. 
This is spilling your heart 
on a canvas day in and day out 
for the universe to see and never being 
afraid to admit your afraid of being a POET. 
Because the world always challenges those 
that pose a threat to making the people 
realize how priceless their self-worth really is.


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