Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Sin your message to the world

The world will expo your sins. 
Boast about the blood dripping off 
of your fingers for years to come. 
For nights when tears shed like 
snake skin lies will slither in between 
the cracks of your heart and 
plant seeds of hate. 
They will sprout like weeds; 
the world will love you for this. 
They will even make an idol of you 
out of your scars like old slaves 
being whipped for seeing the world 
beyond the cotton field. 
The young will believe this is 
what it means to be human. 
To let your scars ruin you; 
to believe surrendering to sin 
should be as easy as taking a breath
In this world that may be true. 
But only if its your last.


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