Thursday, May 1, 2014

See the Invisible

I guess im supposed to send 
God’s calling straight to voicemail.
Or better yet, 
ignore it and spend 
the rest of my life burying hot lines 
in yellow pages and never seeing 
them spread their wings across 
the world like a phoenix.
Dialing what-ifs, 
but knowing they won’t 
ever call back again. 
I can’t just hang up my future like 
it was the wrong number, 
or a bill collector.
Nor can I just scratch this itch 
in my palms and go back to living life 
like paradise is a phone call away.
And I know you only say 
these things to keep me safe.
But once I found out that even 
blind people can see their dreams, 
I made a promise to myself 
that I will never lose sight of mines.


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