Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The Devil's Advocate

Some people would rather be
drunk off blood money than holy water;
bathe in hell’s flames instead of baptism.

I often daydream of life after death
—maybe too often. But when the reaper
has hit home once already I don’t think
its too farfetched to believe he’s always
arms length away.

Counting down your
heartbeats like hours at work.
Lurking behind every corner you turn,
waiting for you to drop your guard
into a smile, so that he can blindside
you through a stray bullet or a drunk driver.

Vanity is what makes one think
tomorrow is promised and today
isn’t precious enough to enshrine.

The reaper has shown us time and
time again that humans are expendable.
That your life can be nothing more
than God’s coin trick. So choose now
to humbly live your life and cherish
each moment dearly or forever
hold your peace.


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