Monday, August 4, 2014

Silver Spoon

I was conceived in a
project highrise in Pittsburgh.
It wasn’t the safest place to live
so we moved before I was
old enough to remember,
however there are plenty of
war stories about gangs and crimes
that my brothers reminisce on
like barstools. So its no secret that
when my mother gave birth to me,
I didn’t come out with a silver spoon
in my mouth—none of my siblings did.
But we watched our parents crawl out
of hellholes like heaven was at the top
with open arms screaming their names.
Back then paradise was nothing
more than a peaceful neighborhood
with one of the top ranked
school districts in the country.
Now its just a place we call home.
My family is far from perfect.
But honestly, what fun is perfect
when you can look back on your life
and see how much it favors the
one you dreamed of…


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