Thursday, August 7, 2014

Nickelodeon on Sunset

Celebrities are not Gods.

I don’t think the creator of the
universe would suffer brain damage
after being deprived of oxygen for
three minutes. If it bleeds like a
human than its a human.

We often forget that before a
record deal some celebrities were
nothing more than purse-snatchers
holding their future hostage at gunpoint.

TV is not a distant planet light years away.

In fact, the world is so small that 
President Barack Obama could
open his second-story window and
throw a quarter into a homeless man’s cup.

My point is some of us worship
the same people on-screen
that we condemn off-screen
just because they take a limo
to work instead of a bus.

But let me leave you with this thought,
the moon will never learn to appreciate
its own brilliance, if its always idolizing
the shining stars.


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