Sunday, May 18, 2014

Five Never-Lands of the World

(I’m going to start this poem out by saying…)
I. Never look up at the sky and see a heaven
you may only reach in death,
but instead see nothing more than an attic you
can use your faith as a ladder to scale;
broken limbs will heal but sometimes hearts never will.
II. Never be afraid to wake up out of your slumber
for fear of never seeing your dreams again.
It is possible to see the same miracles
while still keeping your eyes open,
unless you have blindfolded your hope with doubt.
III. Never say love doesn’t exist when
you know you can’t live without it.
You may not be able to see oxygen,
but it still gives you life; love is no different.
IV. Never let the crippling blows of life numb you
to the vivacious sensation of laughter.
I know a woman that did.
Now she’s only able to see life through the eye of a hurricane.
V. And Lastly, never live life just for yourself.
A pilot without passengers to keep him
grounded will eventually crash & burn.
We all need purpose to fulfill us the same way we fulfill it.
(…never let your upbringing bring you down.)


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