Thursday, June 26, 2014

The Big Apple

Today we will bravely amble 
through earth’s concrete jungle 
and take a bite out of the big apple.
Its sweet juice dripping of destiny will 
be like gatorade for our parched souls. 
Its fruit will fill our malnourished hearts 
up with buffets of life long memories.
We will paint the city red with our own blood, 
then take a maestro step back and ohh and 
aah at the future unfolding like literature 
before our eyes. And even if they throw stones 
at the glass air castles we live in, they will only 
shatter into masterpieces of sliced pies in the 
sky ample enough to feed generations.
As I lie my head ghostly against this headrest 
playing musical chairs with slumber, I imagine 
this is what it looks like when a dream is coming true.
To be continued…


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