Friday, June 27, 2014

The Big Apple Pt. 2

we bit off more than we could chew 
and the bitterness left the butterflies 
in our stomachs tied in knots.
They threw stones at our glass air castles 
and it shattered into masterpieces of sliced 
pies in the sky that fed our spirits with new 
The Statue of Liberty waited majestically 
with her legs wide open, hoping a man 
brave enough comes along and fathers 
the blessings she delivers to the world.
After hours of hard labor and pushing for dear life, 
new visions were conceived in New York City.
The sun kept its eye on us the whole time, 
just to make sure we always looked on the 
bright side. Our future is bright, however we 
still refuse to blink for fear of missing an 
opportunity scamper across our path again.


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