Thursday, February 26, 2015

Broken Vows

Love doesn’t live there... 

In the gaze of their eyes, 
In the shouts of goodbyes, 
In the warmth of their bed, 
In the stress of their sighs, 

In the streets when they walk, 
In the car when they drive, 
In the stores where they shop, 
In the house where they hide. 

Love doesn’t live there...

In the black of her heart, 
In the blues of his soul, 
In the red of their eyes, 
In the gray of their old, 

In the bones in their closets, 
In the ghost of their past, 
In the dope of their gossip,  
In the shroud of their mask. 

Love doesn’t live there. 

I wonder, 
did it ever? 

© Sulē Cerdan 2015


George Burke said...

I get a sense of a couple moving toward divorce or stuck in a pantomime relationship.

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