Wednesday, December 3, 2014

When You Die...

Will the earth swallow you like a harlot on a
one-night stand — graceful and seductive but numbly?

Or like a serpent — slow and (w)hol(l)y but breathtaking?

Maybe even a drunkard guzzling whiskey —
regretful and riotous but unforgettable.

What will these poems that I master(P)iece with
dinosaur bones mean when death deciphers them?

Who will dig up their skeletons barehanded in a graveyard
of memories; In a night sky of fallen stars; In a deep sea of

Some people epitaph your last words
on the tombstones of their hearts.
While others place a rose on your
grave and disappear forever.

Beauty still lingers. 
Love still dwells. 
Search deeper.


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