Thursday, November 27, 2014

Cigarette Break

I’m ah fuckin’ 1AM walk alone in a snowstorm;
ah moment of silence in ah monastery full of mute monks…

…when the world sounds like one pompous crescendo of fuck yous;
one cemetery of ghost playing the quiet game.

Just snow squishing beneath the sole of my timberland boots,
ah memory bank full of reality checks, and darkness—
ah whole fuckin’ black sky of darkness seeping into
the open wounds too often mistaken for my eyes.

This is home.

Midnight body bags the saint inside of me
and brings out the criminal like ah sheriff.

The unknown excites me.
Their fear makes me feel alive again.
I wonder how many times a day she pretends.

Life can be so fuckin’ selfish sometimes.

When I come back I promise I’ll be ah martyr or something,
but right now I just need to get the fuck out of dodge…


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