Monday, July 7, 2014

The Girl of my Dreams

She opens her legs 
for me like diaries. 
I spill my heart inside 
of her like journals. 
Her kisses taste like wine; 
her other lips like secrets. 
I bet we can make a 
love song with our falsettos. 
Tonight I am a bookmark for 
the centerfold of her body. 
Our climaxes will be on cue. 
This is our honeymoon, 
our one-night stand, 
our make up sex, 
all cuddled in one 
bed of roses. 
In wee hours of the 
morning the white stork 
will leave a newborn 
swaddled in miracle 
on our front step. 
We will keep the bird 
flying for years to come 
as we fall deeper in love 


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