Thursday, March 27, 2014


Sometimes kindness can wear 
your patience thin until your 
heart becomes thick with rage. 
Until curses are stirring under 
your breath like violent sandstorms, 
while she smiles with her back turned 
to you like she isn’t the reason why 
you just detonated a bomb on 
top of your good morning, 
and watched the pieces of peace 
shatter away with every passing second. 
Passing me like I’ll never catch up 
to my dreams with this burden 
weighing on my shoulders. 
Because being too nice can 
feel like a f***in’ straight-jacket 
sometimes you know.


Mike Jones said...

i seen alot of your work, your very talented, thanks for sharing.

Sule Cerdan said...
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Sule Cerdan said...

Thank You. For giving me a chance. I appreciate it.

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