Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The young muslim and his Sheikh

“Sheikh, please teach me to be a man of great wisdom like you. One that never falters before temptation and chooses every word he utters with his whole heart present,” the young muslim asked of his Sheikh.

“So you wish to be like me, do you? To follow in the same footsteps that led me to this very mosque?”
“Na’am, Sheikh,” said the young muslim.
“Follow me.”
The Sheikh led the boy to a nearby marketplace. As usual he was friendly to the natives and the young muslim watched with admiration. He studied the elegance in which his teacher greeted the muslimah’s carrying their groceries and prayed for the passing drunkards mumbling obscenities. Thats when the young muslim realized his Shiekh’s spirit was in harmony with the universe.
When the carefree boys playing cops and robbers ran past him, he smiled and remembered his childhood. When he seen old friends, he bantered with them and laughed aloud. Although, the Sheikh was regarded as a celebrity by most, his humbleness made it to hard distinguish him between the shepherds and peasants.
The young muslim could barely contain the eagerness igniting within him.
Suddenly the Sheikh stopped.
“Do you see that middle aged woman there, with the bag of groceries and weary son lagging behind?”
The young muslim laughed, “Yes, I remember those days.”
“I want you to go steal her bag of groceries,” said the Sheikh.
“I don’t…I don’t understand,” stammered the young muslim.
“You asked to be a man like me. To retrace the footsteps of my journey. This is where it started. Before you were born I was nothing more than a petty thief. A Criminal. Too far away from God to hear his calling. I am honored that you find me to be such a great man, but you don’t want to be like me son. Be the scripture. Follow His words. Heed His signs. Following man will eventually lead you astray. We are nothing more than an instrument for God’s will. That is who you should ask of such things.”
“Na’am, Sheikh,” said the young muslim.


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